MINI404 - Printer Not Found

The Prusa Mini STM32F4 counterpart to MK404 - with an appendectomy!

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Mini404 Command Line Generator

Note: This tool is still in development. Please report any issues you may encounter so it can be improved!

Daunted by all the command line options? We've got you covered!

-machine prusa-mini 

-kernel firmware.bin 

Note: Correct assignment of the serial ports requires a build that supports assignment by chardev ID; otherwise handles will be assigned and filled starting from the lowest ID (so if you need access to UART6 on older builds, 1-5 must also be attached) Note- STM numbers UARTs starting at 1, but internally my indexing starts at zero, hence the off-by-one counting seen here.

If you choose "Serial" or "TTY" be sure to edit the device path
to point to the correct device - e.g.

Generated command line: